Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sponsor Highlight: Battle Foam

Almost everyone who particiaptes in this hobby knows how big of a pain transport and storage of miniatures can be, especially new players. This is where Battle Foam comes in. Battle Foam makes some incredible troop transport cases. Whats even better is that they will customize them. Which allows those of us who like converting models to fit those dramatically posed models in a case and not have to worry about fixing it when we get to our destination. Very Friendly company.

Check them out here:

Sponsor Highlight: Woodland Scenics

Woodland Scenics has been a long time sponsor of NIMGC events from back in the day when we held our first tournament. So I was really happy when they decided to sponsor the vanguard tournament. Almost everyone who participates in the hobby knows of woodland scenics as they provide some of the best hobby materials available and they are always extremely friendly.

Definitely check out their website:

Sponsors Highlight: Back2Base-ix

Back2Base-ix has been kind enough to sponsor the Vanguard tournament so I wanted to take a second to talk about the company from what I know. If you have never looked at their stuff, you really should. They make some amazing products. I personally own a couple sets of their bases. They are amazing quality. They have bases for both fantasy and sci-fi

They don't just do bases though. They have a lot of other very useful things for sale on their website. Such as flock, magnets, etc. They also sell bits. Check them out:

Extremely friendly company.